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A LITTLE ABOUT ME- I am a stay-at-home-mom to two wonderful boys, and a part-time substitute teacher/daycare provider. As a certified high school English teacher in New York, I have had a really difficult time finding a full-time teaching job, so I started this little "side business" as a means to help bring in a little extra income. I was not looking to strike it rich, just be able to cover the bills.

HOW IT BEGAN- Betty Bow Blue really began out of boredom. In the summer of 2011, my computer kicked the bucket, and I was without one for a whole month! I needed something to fill my spare time, so I decided to finally try out a couple of projects that I had been meaning to for a while. I hit up my mother for some of her scrap fabric (she makes all sorts of fabric goodies), and quickly got to work making a pom necklace and a few headbands. I discovered that I really enjoyed making them; I found it to be relaxing and kept me busy during nap time. Why couldn't I do this to bring in a little extra money?

There were several craft fairs coming up in our area, so I built up a pretty decent sized stock of items, and made the rounds. My first two fairs were a bust, although I did receive a lot of positive feedback, but my third was more successful. After many inquiries as to whether I was on Etsy, (I was not at the time), I eventually opened up my own Etsy shop.

GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS- I am always experimenting with new designs, styles, and methods for making my items. I enjoy making custom items as well. Most designs that you see in my Etsy shop or photo galleries, can be customized using different colors and styles, although some fabric choices may be limited as I work primarily with scrap fabrics. (I will, however, try my best to accommodate requests; special trips to the fabric store are not out of the question). Bulk order discounts are also available. Please contact me for more information.

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