Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Items Added

My first craft fair was yesterday, at Edwards-Knox Central School, and it was a huge flop! I had six sales in 6 hours. It was kind of relieving to find out from others vendors that their sales were awful too. A lot of traffic, just no one buying anything. Fortunately, that means I have many items on hand now. I have posted new items in each category, so be sure to check them out! And since there were so few of them, here are the items that I sold yesterday:

My first sale was one of these elastic headbands, (I had two available).
The cutest little girl, dressed in a Halloween cardigan, came right up to the table, grabbed the headband, and announced, "I want this one, Grandma", and proceeded to pull out her money. She was a girl who knew what she wanted! She wore the headband immediately. I sold the second one later in the day.

Another woman purchased a set of "Gloria" hair clips to send to her granddaughter in Maine:

A really nice older woman, who happened to be one of the vendors at the fair, fell in love with the pom necklaces and purchased the "Autumn Leaves" one.

As we were packing up to leave, my friend Beth, (who was selling the best-ever cupcakes at the fair) bought another pom necklace. She purchased the "Sophia" necklace, which was fitting because as soon as I had seen that fabric, I immediately thought of her. (Unfortunately I had already used her name for a different fabric).

I also sold a flower headband, using the "Autumn Leaves" fabric, but I do not have a photo of it to share.

All in all, the first craft fair was a good learning experience, but here's hoping that the next one goes a million times better!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Scramble Mode!

Earlier this week, one of my friends informed me of a craft fair that she is participating in and asked if I wanted to join her as they are looking for more vendors. I excitedly agreed, the only problem being that it is next weekend on the 29th! And all of my current stock is packed up two hours away! So I am officially in scramble mode as I work to rebuild a stock large enough to bring to the craft fair. (Wish me luck!) This also means that any new items that I am making are obviously not available for sale right now. Everything is being reserved for this craft fair. However, items in my mom's possession are still available to be placed on hold.

For anyone local, it is Saturday, October 29th from 9-3 at Edwards-Knox high school in Russell. Come check us out!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Items: Rolled Fabric Pins

My first craft fair hasn't even happened yet, but my mom has already sold five items for me! Yay, Mom! Two items were single pom elastic headbands (one a mint green and the other a "Laura" pom), which I didn't get a chance to take photos of. She also sold one of the "Autumn Leaves" necklaces and a "Larkin" headband. The last item was the set of "Lucy" hair clips, which are no longer available as I only had a few scraps of that fabric. This leaves me feeling hopeful for the actual craft fair.

Of course this also means that I should really start a new stock of items for a potential craft fair in December, so I'm not scrambling at the last moment. I am starting to experiment with a few new designs and finished two rolled fabric pins last night:
Christmas Pin
Yellow and blue pin.
I really like how the Christmas pin turned out, and will probably add this one as a "made to order" (M20) item soon. I am contemplating adding a tiny pearl on the red rosette to hide the little bit of glue that is showing, but I forgot to do it before taking the photo. I really like how the red rosette looks by itself with the leaves and may make it into hair clips also.

The yellow and blue pin uses the "Sweet Aida", "Erica", "Allison", and "Kaylee" fabrics. I'm not too crazy about how this one turned out. In hindsight, I probably should have replaced one of the patterned fabrics with a solid, but too late now!

When I get a moment, or rather, remember to do it, I will take the measurements of the items, and also a photo of the pin on to get an idea of scale. But until then, opinions on these? Keep making or scrap? How would these look as headbands (in a different arrangement)?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Packaging Problems?

As I was preparing my accessories for my first craft fair, I decided that it would look great if each item had some sort of "packaging". It was my intention to attempt to make them look a little more professional and presentable. The problem I had was that I don't exactly have the money to spend on ordering fancy packages and such, so I decided to make my own out of empty cardboard boxes. I simply cut out a template for each specific item and traced it onto the inside of the boxes.

I was then able to use the packaging as advertising for my blog website and could easily add prices to each item.

I thought that this was a brilliant idea to use up old cardboard, and of course to save some money! However, I am now wondering how professional it actually does, or doesn't look. From the front, everything looks fine, but from the back? You see something like this:

So what is your opinion? Is this an ingenious method of recycling, or are you completely turned off by seeing an enlarged photo of a supreme pizza and the directions to cook it? Presentable packing or unprofessional repurposing?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prices are Here!

I finally bit the bullet and decided on prices for all of my current items in stock. I really had no choice in the matter since I was preparing to send them with my mom for the craft fair, and had to label them with prices. This was difficult for me to do because I only have boys and I had no idea what items like these sell for, or what a reasonable price is. Luckily, I have many friends, family members, and acquaintances who have daughters and was able to ask them for ideas. What I ended up doing was taking the average of the suggested prices, looking at comparables on and figuring out my prices based on that. I have heard suggestions that perhaps my items are underpriced, but I did have to consider my location, sale venues, and target customers. If I were to list these items on a site such as Etsy, which has a worldwide customer base, then I would be more likely to price them higher to cover the fees that come along with it. As it is, based on discussions with several people, I think that these are reasonable prices.

Price ranges are pretty standard for each item, however, they will vary depending on how much fabric was used, time spent on a particular item, if any embellishments were used and how many items are included in a set. Here's a rundown of what to expect:

Pom necklaces: $16.00-$18.00
Pins: $3.00-$5.00
Headbands: $6.00-$10.00
Hair clips: $2.50-$4.50
Hair ties: $2.00-$4.50

I will be listing prices on individual items soon.

New Fabrics!

Another perk to having my mom come to visit this past weekend (other than picking up my items for a craft fair), was that she brought along her bin a fabric scraps for me to pick through. I now have a larger selection of fabric to choose from, including colors that I didn't have before, like orange. Of course the one downside is that because I am using scrap fabrics, sources are limited for each print, leading to a limit in the amount of items that I can make with each. Thankfully, features of the fabric itself will help me to decide which items to make. For example, some fabrics are printed on only one side, while the back is almost white. This fabric would work best as flowers, where seeing the backside isn't important. Fabrics that are dyed all the way through, will work great for poms! The holiday fabrics that I have will most likely be used for flowers rather than poms. The texture and "stiffness" or certain fabrics will also determine what they are made into. All new fabrics will be listed soon.

Those few people, who had the chance to get a sneak preview of my blog and galleries while still in the early stages, will notice something different. I have assigned each print fabric a female's name. This has made it easier for me to keep an inventory of the items that I have out at craft fairs, and to keep track of which accessory is using which fabric. Now I can avoid having to list three different "yellow floral" fabrics, or describe something as "blue background with pink and purple flowers". One name is much simpler. Each accessory using a specific fabric will also be labeled using that name, or names.

Before anyone asks me where or how I came up with the names that I chose, it's quite simple. The majority of the names I selected are the names of women I know, or those of their daughters. So if you are an acquaintance, friend, or family member of mine, and you come across an item using your name, or that of your daughter's, and are wondering if it's just a coincidence, it's probably not. I totally stole your name. J Consider it a compliment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Craft Fair

My mom is attending a craft fair at the start of November and volunteered to take my items to sell along with hers. I would have liked to have gone myself, but it is too far away for me; I would have been gone all day and would have needed to find someone to watch the boys for the whole day. So this past weekend I packed up nearly my entire inventory (appx. 85 items!) and sent them home with my mom. I am hoping that she will be able to sell a good chunk of items, at least that way I will get a better idea as to what will be the more popular items and which ones I should spend less time on making. I am leaving up the listings of all items that she currently has in her possession, but will mark them "@CF". However, that does not mean that you cannot reserve an item to purchase. If you see something that you like, let me know and I will ask her to save it aside. I will update the listings after the craft fair is over.

I am also looking into attending a few local craft fairs within the next couple of months as well, which means that I need to start building a new inventory since my mom has all of my current stock! Wish me luck!

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Items: Headbands

I have recently completed a few new items that I am really excited about, meaning that they turned out a lot better than I had anticipated. Each of these items happens to be headbands, two 3-pom headbands, two flower bands. 

The first two 3-pom headbands that I made were actually just thrown together on a whim. (They can be viewed here and here). I really liked how they turned out and decided to make more. One of my favorites is the "Dorothy" print one. (See below). It features a blue and pink floral medium pom, and two small navy blue poms on either side. I used a bright pink ¼" headband to balance out the blue and bring out some of the pink shades in the print fabric. I really liked how it turned out and ended up making two of these.


The second 3-pom headband that came together nicely uses a new favorite color pairing, blue and yellow. The middle pom is made from the "Sweet Aida" print and the outside poms are a bold blue shade. They have been attached to a ¼" yellow headband. Only one of these is available.

"Sweet Aida"

The third headband that I feel came out beyond my expectations uses the "Larkin" print. This print has a great combination of pinks and purples, with touches of glitter here and there. I was hesitant to use this print at first because I thought that it felt rather "old-ladyish", but I bit the bullet and went ahead and made two flowers with it. They came out much better than I had expected and I ended up attaching them to a deep purple ¼" headband. Two of these are available.


The final headband is a Holiday-themed one. It features the same poinsettias that I used for my poinsettia pins. They are made with a deep red and a dark green fabric and are embellished with hand-sewn gold beads. A ¼" red headband is used for this one. Two of these are available.

All headbands can be found under the "Headbands" tab above.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Welcome to my informal online gallery of fabric accessories. This is a place for friends and family to view the available pieces that I have created, as I have received several requests for pictures of them. Currently, I am trying to build up a stock for an upcoming craft fair in November, and I will be doing this again a few times in the near future. If you see anything that you are interested in, or have questions about, please feel free to contact me via email. If you see any items that you would like to "call dibs" on, then let me know and I will make sure that it does not make it into the craft fair stock.

Please note that prices have not been included on any items as I am still in the process of figuring out suitable costs for each item. Hopefully I will have decisions made soon. This is a work in progress and I am just starting out, so please bear with me as changes and improvements are made to this site (including the temporary title and design of this site).

New items will be added as they are made, so check back frequently.

Thank you for all of the feedback and support that I have received. Enjoy!