Monday, October 10, 2011

New Items: Headbands

I have recently completed a few new items that I am really excited about, meaning that they turned out a lot better than I had anticipated. Each of these items happens to be headbands, two 3-pom headbands, two flower bands. 

The first two 3-pom headbands that I made were actually just thrown together on a whim. (They can be viewed here and here). I really liked how they turned out and decided to make more. One of my favorites is the "Dorothy" print one. (See below). It features a blue and pink floral medium pom, and two small navy blue poms on either side. I used a bright pink ¼" headband to balance out the blue and bring out some of the pink shades in the print fabric. I really liked how it turned out and ended up making two of these.


The second 3-pom headband that came together nicely uses a new favorite color pairing, blue and yellow. The middle pom is made from the "Sweet Aida" print and the outside poms are a bold blue shade. They have been attached to a ¼" yellow headband. Only one of these is available.

"Sweet Aida"

The third headband that I feel came out beyond my expectations uses the "Larkin" print. This print has a great combination of pinks and purples, with touches of glitter here and there. I was hesitant to use this print at first because I thought that it felt rather "old-ladyish", but I bit the bullet and went ahead and made two flowers with it. They came out much better than I had expected and I ended up attaching them to a deep purple ¼" headband. Two of these are available.


The final headband is a Holiday-themed one. It features the same poinsettias that I used for my poinsettia pins. They are made with a deep red and a dark green fabric and are embellished with hand-sewn gold beads. A ¼" red headband is used for this one. Two of these are available.

All headbands can be found under the "Headbands" tab above.


  1. I like the flower headband idea. Have you considered doing single pom headbands?

  2. I did make some, but packed them up and sent them with Mom before I had a chance to photograph them. Also, ran out of headbands.