Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Fabrics!

Another perk to having my mom come to visit this past weekend (other than picking up my items for a craft fair), was that she brought along her bin a fabric scraps for me to pick through. I now have a larger selection of fabric to choose from, including colors that I didn't have before, like orange. Of course the one downside is that because I am using scrap fabrics, sources are limited for each print, leading to a limit in the amount of items that I can make with each. Thankfully, features of the fabric itself will help me to decide which items to make. For example, some fabrics are printed on only one side, while the back is almost white. This fabric would work best as flowers, where seeing the backside isn't important. Fabrics that are dyed all the way through, will work great for poms! The holiday fabrics that I have will most likely be used for flowers rather than poms. The texture and "stiffness" or certain fabrics will also determine what they are made into. All new fabrics will be listed soon.

Those few people, who had the chance to get a sneak preview of my blog and galleries while still in the early stages, will notice something different. I have assigned each print fabric a female's name. This has made it easier for me to keep an inventory of the items that I have out at craft fairs, and to keep track of which accessory is using which fabric. Now I can avoid having to list three different "yellow floral" fabrics, or describe something as "blue background with pink and purple flowers". One name is much simpler. Each accessory using a specific fabric will also be labeled using that name, or names.

Before anyone asks me where or how I came up with the names that I chose, it's quite simple. The majority of the names I selected are the names of women I know, or those of their daughters. So if you are an acquaintance, friend, or family member of mine, and you come across an item using your name, or that of your daughter's, and are wondering if it's just a coincidence, it's probably not. I totally stole your name. J Consider it a compliment.


  1. Should we feel insulted if our name was not used?

  2. You should. I purposely chose not to use yours because I think that it is an awful name! :-) I used your daughter's. I figured that sufficed.

  3. LOL. Krista you crack me up! Poor April. I will name my next cupcake after you. hehehe!