Monday, October 17, 2011

New Items: Rolled Fabric Pins

My first craft fair hasn't even happened yet, but my mom has already sold five items for me! Yay, Mom! Two items were single pom elastic headbands (one a mint green and the other a "Laura" pom), which I didn't get a chance to take photos of. She also sold one of the "Autumn Leaves" necklaces and a "Larkin" headband. The last item was the set of "Lucy" hair clips, which are no longer available as I only had a few scraps of that fabric. This leaves me feeling hopeful for the actual craft fair.

Of course this also means that I should really start a new stock of items for a potential craft fair in December, so I'm not scrambling at the last moment. I am starting to experiment with a few new designs and finished two rolled fabric pins last night:
Christmas Pin
Yellow and blue pin.
I really like how the Christmas pin turned out, and will probably add this one as a "made to order" (M20) item soon. I am contemplating adding a tiny pearl on the red rosette to hide the little bit of glue that is showing, but I forgot to do it before taking the photo. I really like how the red rosette looks by itself with the leaves and may make it into hair clips also.

The yellow and blue pin uses the "Sweet Aida", "Erica", "Allison", and "Kaylee" fabrics. I'm not too crazy about how this one turned out. In hindsight, I probably should have replaced one of the patterned fabrics with a solid, but too late now!

When I get a moment, or rather, remember to do it, I will take the measurements of the items, and also a photo of the pin on to get an idea of scale. But until then, opinions on these? Keep making or scrap? How would these look as headbands (in a different arrangement)?

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