Thursday, March 15, 2012

Headband Holders

Selection of headband holders that I made for a recent craft fair. Headbands fit snugly around the padded base. Two ribbons for attaching hair clips. Lids remove for extra storage inside. Custom orders are currently on hold unless a canister can be provided.

I still have the black & white damask, blue & yellow argyle, and ladybug ones in stock. Have enough fabric to make one more of the rest, among other designs and colors. $25 (+tax in NY). $20 if a container is provided. Read a little more about them HERE.
1. Black & white damask 2. Blue & yellow argyle 3. Polka dots 4. Retro Round 5. Happi Medallions 6. Ladybug Graden 7. (No longer available).
(The purpose of this post was really to give Allison an opportunity to "pin" this to her Pinterest. :-) You can follow her on Pinterest. And while you're at it, follow me too!

Happy pinning!

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