Thursday, October 13, 2011

Packaging Problems?

As I was preparing my accessories for my first craft fair, I decided that it would look great if each item had some sort of "packaging". It was my intention to attempt to make them look a little more professional and presentable. The problem I had was that I don't exactly have the money to spend on ordering fancy packages and such, so I decided to make my own out of empty cardboard boxes. I simply cut out a template for each specific item and traced it onto the inside of the boxes.

I was then able to use the packaging as advertising for my blog website and could easily add prices to each item.

I thought that this was a brilliant idea to use up old cardboard, and of course to save some money! However, I am now wondering how professional it actually does, or doesn't look. From the front, everything looks fine, but from the back? You see something like this:

So what is your opinion? Is this an ingenious method of recycling, or are you completely turned off by seeing an enlarged photo of a supreme pizza and the directions to cook it? Presentable packing or unprofessional repurposing?


  1. Have any contact paper lying around? Problem solved.

  2. I like the pizza idea. Also, if you use cardstock, I have tons of Stampin Up stamps/ink you can borrow to jazz up your cardboard....-TIff

  3. Thanks Tiff! Once I run out of my supply of cardboard, I may graduate to something more "jazzy". ;-)