Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming Soon: Betty Bow Blue on Etsy!

I have decided that after my last craft fair of the holiday season this weekend, I will be posting some, if not the majority, of my items on Etsy. I am hoping to reach a broader "clientele" that way and see how things sell. I will still be accepting custom orders through email or personal correspondence, but most of my ready-made items will only be available to purchase through Etsy, (unless you know where I live and stop by my house).

I am excited about a few new designs that I have been working on, including headband "sliders". These are hand-stitched, felt headband pieces that are removable, interchangeable, and hopefully collectible! They will be making their debut at a craft fair that I am attending this weekend. I also kept getting annoyed after attaching a bow or pom on a headband, only to realize that when I tried it on, I had placed it in the wrong spot. I also noticed that the right position for my head is not necessarily the correct placement for smaller heads (I totally tested this on my sons). So from here on out, all of the bows and poms that I create for headbands will be sliders so they are positionable. And don't worry, they will not fall off the headband on their own.

Wish me luck for the craft fair this weekend and for the "Opening-Soon" Etsy shop!

P.S. If you take a look at the above tabs, you will notice that I now have a "Sold Items" tabs. This will help me keep the galleries of my on-hand inventory shorter, but also allow folks to see other items that can be made. 

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