Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Custom Order

Recently one of my sisters asked me to make a REAL custom order, (as opposed to asking me to make a duplicate of an item that I've already made). She wanted hair clips to match a dress that she bought as a Christmas gift for two sisters. Here is what the dress looks like:
From JCPenney

I was actually pretty excited about doing this, and I love how the matching hair clips turned out. The sisters are 5 and 2, so I made two different sized poms for the clips, (a little difficult to tell in this photo).

The greens matched better in real life, the blue ended up being a little off from the actual blue in the dress, but I blame that on the photo from JCPenney, since they appear to be the same on my screen. :-) My sister also asked me for two headbands for each girl, which proved to be a little more challenging than one might think, but only because the girls have red hair, so I had to make sure I made something that would look well with red. I already had a couple of headbands on hand, but also came up with two new headbands:

Rumor has it that the girls loved the headbands, and one of them HAD to wear hers the rest of the day. That's what I like to hear!

I have created two tutorials while I was making these items, so I'll be sharing those some time later.

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