Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ring Survey Results

33 people completed this survey:

1. Which size would you prefer?

  • The 1 1/4" pom (tan)- 30.3% (10)
  • The 1" pom (gold)- 60.6% (20)
  • Neither- 9.1% (3)
  • Other: "I prefer the smaller one, but like them both... very cute."
2. Which ring base would you prefer? (This question was added later, so there are only 19 responses)
  • An adjustable metal base- 63.2% (12)
  • Elastic- 15.8% (3)
  • Either- 21.2% (4)
3. Which metal ring base would you prefer? (Select all the apply)
  • Antique silver- 24.2% (8)
  • Gold- 12.1% (4)
  • Antique bronze- 27.3% (9)
  • Silver- 30.3% (10)
  • Any, depending on the color of the pom- 42.4% (14)
4. Solids or prints? Cool or warm colors? Etc.
  • Answers for this question were pretty much all over the place, as was expected. There was a good mix of responses for just about all colors and prints/solids. A couple of people brought up some questions/suggestions in this section, which I will address later.
5.  Min/max price range that you would pay for this ring:
  • The majority of the responders agreed with the $6-$8 price range that similar rings are being listed for on Etsy. (I say similar rings because I have yet to find any listings on Etsy for a fabric pom ring like this one. The closest that I can find are either cabochons or yarn poms). A few people suggested $5-$7, while others went as high as $10-$15! The lowest suggestion was $2! (Which I'm hoping was a typo, because that is less than it costs me to make these!). 

Someone mentioned to me that they would have liked to have seen an "Additional Comments" on the surveys, which I agree would have been great, however, I was limited to a certain number of questions, and that included the photos. Fortunately, a few responders took advantage of the "other" answer options, or the places where you could type in your response, and used that to voice a few concerns and suggestions.

A couple of responders mentioned "full" vs. "less full" poms. The poms that I intend to make for these rings will be fuller than the two shown. I just whipped up those two in a hurry so I could have photos for the surveys. Another responder wanted to know how I would keep the rings from fraying, which is a legitimate concern. The poms will be sealed around the edges to help prevent fraying, I just didn't waste the time to do that with my sample rings. A third person suggested that I make fabric button rings, using leftover buttons from the bracelets. While this is a great suggestion, if I do make some, then I will probably limit them to craft fairs, as the fabric button rings are everywhere on Etsy!

My bases for the rings arrived last week, so I will probably get started making some soon. I am delighted to say that I have already received an order for a ring! Someone saw a similar ring on a television show recently, fell in love with it, and has asked me to make her one. I will be picking up the fabric on Saturday, (as she has requested a color that I didn't have on hand), and will let you all know how it turns out! (Thanks again, L!)

Feel free to contact me (via email or Facebook) if you would also like to put in a request for a custom order, or if you have any other questions about them. I am headed to the fabric store on Saturday to restock a few supplies, so if anyone wants one in a color that I don't have, I will have to pick it up then. (I don't get to the store often, so I have to get everything at once).

Thank you again to everyone who responded to the survey! All feedback was appreciated.

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